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Meet The Correspondence Bible School, Prison Ministry, IPCO Spiritual Freedom

This is a correspondence Bible school, primarily focused on prison Ministry, but also families and friends of prisoners as well, sponsored by Evangelical Christians. Geographically we are located in Moscow, but we send our courses and other Christian literature to all CIS countries, And occasionally to other countries as well. Our materials are translated into Russian.

For over 20 years “Spiritual Freedom Russia” has been offering free correspondence Bible courses to prisoners and others in society. During this time, more than 80 thousand people had graduated from our program.

Those who want to enroll in our program have only to write and provide us with a relevant postal address. We, in response, will send for free all the necessary teaching materials and other Christian literature.

Our address is quite simple: 125167, Moscow, PO Box 1-A, “Spiritual Freedom.” As well you can apply your request by filling out the “CONTACT FORM” on our website. (For prisoners, we provide prepaid envelopes to be able to send the completed courses to our office for examination by our Bible instructors).

In our curriculum there are 43 correspondence courses from such schools as Emmaus, Navigators and others.

We wish you abundant blessings and success growing in the Word!

Video about the prison ministry and the correspondence Bible School “Spiritual Freedom”, Russia.

contact form to enroll bible courses


To receive free Bible courses, please carefully fill out the subscription form.

If you are behind the bars please give us exact postal address of your institution.

If you are not able to fill any of the fields above please fill it with dashes otherwise the form wouldn't be submitted...


In USA – Please send your tax deductible gift through –
International Prison Ministry
P.O.Box 2868
Costa Mesa, Ca. 92628-2868
Gifts are to be made out to International Prison Ministry with a notation that the support is for Spiritual Freedom Russia  


The option to donate through the Yandex Money payment service, here you can use VISA and MasterCard cards issued by any bank in Russia (promised to serve cards issued by foreign banks as well in close future), as well as virtual Yandex Money, if you have the appropriate account on this payment service.

As well there available transfers from the mobile phone account of the operators – MTS, Tele2, Beeline. With this donation option, the funds will go to the Yandex Money virtual account, however, as indicated in the picture to the right, a certain percentage will be charged when making the payment. The same percentage will be charged to us for the withdrawal of funds to the account of the organization.

One more option for international donations is – PayPal account:    PayPal donations But do not forget to add the message “donation for SFM Russia”

Considering all the above, in many cases, except PayPal, it is preferable to transfer donations on payment receipt through Sberbank of Russia.

However the choice is after you. We are grateful for any support of the ministry in any available form.

God Bless You.

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