Constant Prayer Requests – IPCO Spiritual Freedom, Russia

Constant Prayer Requests - IPCO Spiritual Freedom, Russia Our Constant Prayer Requests.

Dear brothers and sisters, we would like to emphasize that, like every Evangelical ministry and any endeavor for the Glory of the Lord, we are in desperate need for your constant prayer support.

We will try to voice all our prayer needs in a timely manner. But in this publication we will try to outline the needs, which are constantly on our prayer list.

First of all, please pray for our students that the Holy Spirit will work powerfully in their hearts and that they would not oppose his Holy work. That sincere and deep repentance will come into their lives, and that their lives will be really transformed into the image of Christ.

Matter of fact our ministry exists for this purpose only, and … someone plants, someone waters, but God is causing the growth. 1 Corinthians 3: 6-7. Therefore, this prayer need is always relevant.

Further – at the moment we’re handling at average works from 200 students per month, but in reality we’re able to handle a flow of correspondence courses up to 1000 students per month. (There were times when this figure was 27-28 thousand). Pray that the Lord will once again spread and strengthen our ministry.

However, you can not only pray about this particular issue but you can also invite your friends, acquaintances, members of the Church and new converts to subscribe to our courses. Even in the framework of the Evangelization in your churches, there is always a need for subsequent support in teaching and discipling, especially if your community is engaged in prison ministry. Our courses are designed specifically for that purpose.

Pray please that the Lord will send a great spiritual hunger to the prisons and as well to the hearts of all people and rulers of our country. 1 Timothy 2: 1-6.

Please pray for endurance, God’s provision, health in the daily lives of Ministers and their families, and of course for wisdom of the guidance of the Holy Spirit in ministering to students.

Also pray for financial support of the Ministry, in recent years it is always a vital issue.

And always give thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness and mercy to us and to the students in all the years of the ministry. (since 1993)

Thank the Lord for saved souls and renewed lives, there are thousands of them over the years.



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